Blame the tango.

It all began in 1999 when long nights of dancing tango in Buenos Aires left me with aching feet and the idea of creating a better dancing shoe. Finding a factory to make them wasn't easy. It was in the years before small factories had websites. With persistence, I found one in South America and placed the first order. Before the shoes landed in the US, they were sold out

Tara Shoes soon became the gold standard for dance shoes all over the world. Word of mouth quickly gained us a large following, but production and importation difficulties plagued the company and in 2009, we ceased off-shore production. Tara Shoes still hears from customers, old and new, who are waiting to order. They always ask to be put on our extensive mailing list and to be alerted as soon as production restarts.


beautifully designed, Finely made, and so comfortable.